A Message from the Administrator

In the Old Testament world, the people of Issachar were known as those who “understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do” (I Chronicles 13:32).More than ever, our world is in need of men and women who understand our times and possess knowledge of what to do. This requires wisdom, a wisdom which is not the product of human experience, but has its origin in the Person of God. Jesus said that He is the Truth, and in Colossians 2:3 Paul writes that all knowledge and wisdom are treasures hidden in Christ

Students at Ohio Valley Christian School are taught that they just can’t construct their own truths about mathematics, they cannot simply construct their own truths about God, faith, morality, or the purpose of their lives. We can construct an accurate understanding of reality only in a relationship with Jesus and the Spirit who guides us into all

truth (John 16:13). Since truth is an accurate reflection of the way things are in reality, we have a responsibility to our students to help them wrestle with and grasp the nature of truth and the vital questions of our day.

Curriculum at OVCS is grounded in a biblical worldview; students understand history is the story of God, math as a language of the beautiful order of the universe, and science as a way to use our faculties to comprehend the magnitude of God’s loving power and to steward the creation that resulted from that power. Art, languages, literature, music, geography, physical education—all have a root in what the Father intends for us as His people, and we should explore them accordingly. It is the process of helping students discover not only the fullness of what God intends for each of them but also the transforming power of His presence to bring that intention to fruition.

What greater gift can we give our students than to help them understand God, themselves, others, and the world around them as we and they move toward eternal glory? This gift allows our students to “understand the times, with a knowledge of what they should do.”

I invite you to visit our school, meet our faculty and students, and tour our facilities. Please call our office at 740.446.0374 to schedule an appointment.

Grace to you,
Patrick O’Donnell