OVCS provides an academically excellent, distinctively Christian education to Pre-K4 through 12th grade students from southeastern Ohio and western West Virginia. The results from the Stanford Achievement Test place OVCS in the top 25% of the nation's schools. OVCS has enjoyed a 100% of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT). Students from our school consistently score above the state and nation averages on the ACT and SAT exams. 84% of graduates from OVCS attend a four-year college or university. For french students this site will be very usuful to read (books, papers etc.)

OVCS is a non-public, chartered school through the Ohio Department of Education and a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).


OVCS offers elementary curriculum Pre-K4 through Grade 6. Early Education classes stress aquiring reading skills through a phonics approach (some whole language skill is integrated as needed). Early Elementary classes employ Purposeful Design (ACSI) math curriculum, and Bob Jones curricula for other classes.

Upper elementary classes utilize Bob Jones curricula for all subjects except for math. Grades 3-4 use Purposeful Design (ACSI) for math curricula; Grades 5-6 use Saxon math.

Nearly all class rooms are equipped with SmartBoard technology. Students have access to laptop computers linked to a wireless network. All teachers are fully qualified and are certified through the Ohio Department of Education.

High School

Much of the high school curriculum is published by Bob Jones University. Math and English texts are published by a variety of sources and are fully integrated into a Christian world view by the teachers. Teachers will supplement text books with additional material as needed.

All classes adhere to or exceed the content standards as mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.


Students Shall Be Taught To:

  • Spiritual
    • Believe in Christ as personal Savior & grow like Christ
    • Seek God's will through God's Word, the Bible
    • Faithfully study the Bible, pray, attend church, witness, and serve God by good works
    • Discipline their lives according to Biblical doctrines and principles
    • Apply Biblical ethics and standards of morality to every area of life
    • Participate in chapel services (held weekly)
  • Academics
    • Strive for academic excellence according to their potential
    • Cultivate a desire for life-long learning
    • Prepare themselves to enter college or a vocation
    • Think independently and analytically
    • Communicate correctly with both verbal and written skills
  • Social
    • Conduct themselves as discerning Christians in all social relationships
    • Develop a pleasing, Christ-like personality
    • Serve the Lord in their family, church, country, and world
    •  Appreciate the fine arts
    • Desire wholesome relationships,  and contribute to the betterment of other people
  • Physical
    • Respect their bodies as God's creation & temple of the Holy Spirit
    • Yield their bodies to God as an instrument with which to serve Him
    • Care for the body through proper nutrition, hygiene, and exercise

Fine Arts 

OVCS provides opportunities for development of musical and dramatic talents.

OVCS provides music education for both elementary and high schools. The elementary school presents two programs, one at Christmas and again in the Spring. These programs are open to families, friends, and supporters of the school.The secondary choir is comprised of 7-12th grade students who also present 2 concerts during the school year.

Mr. David Phillips has joined the faculty in 2010 as our instructor of bands and choir director. Mr. Phillips has a wealth of experience, serving as the instructor of bands at both the University of Rio Grande as well as Gallia Academy High School. OVCS provides band classes for students beginning in Grade 4 through Grade 12. Both our beginner's band and secondary concert band will provide concert twice during the school year