Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the school day?

Grades PreK-6 8:24am-3:15pm; Grades 7-12 8:24am-3:08pm


How is the day structured?

Each of the elementary classes follows their own schedules. Schedules are distributed during orientation meetings held before the start of school. 7th-12th grades begin their day in home room, followed by 8 academic periods. Each period is 42 minutes long. 30 minutes is reserved each day for lunch.


Are all your teachers licensed?

Yes! All teachers possess a four-year college degree and maintain either a regular license or non- tax license through the State of Ohio.


Do you provide morning care and aftercare?

Yes! Morning care begins at 7:15am in the fellowship room of First Baptist Church. Morning care ends at 8:20am. Aftercare is offered from 3:15pm-5:30pm. While there is no charge for morning care, a small fee is charged for aftercare.


What about lunch?

Students get 30 minutes each day for lunch. Students need to bring their own lunch (microwaves available). Some student organizations may offer a lunch as a fundraiser. Those events will be announced ahead of time. 11th and 12th grade students may go off-grounds for lunch two days per week with written parental permission. All other students remain on campus. On fair weather days, lunch may be held outside in the shelterhouse. Elementary school students get a snack time as well.


Do I get my own locker?

Each 7-12th grade student is issued their own locker. Most are full sized and are lockable.


Can I bring my cell phone? iPad? Other Electronics?

Yes. However, your cell phones are not to be used in class. Phones and other data devices may be used during morning care, lunch, and aftercare. iPads, Kindles, laptops, and other electronic devices are permitted in class for educational use only and may not use unfiltered internet access via a data plan.


What do I wear?

OVCS has a dress code policy that is included in the student handbook. All apparel should be modest, in good condition, and clean.


Can I drive to school? Buses?

Although we own a school bus, we do not currently offer pickup or drop-off bus services. Students can drive to school and do not have to have or pay for any additional parking permits. Parents may choose to carpool. The bus is used to transport athletic teams to away games as well as field trips.


Do you offer athletics?

Yes. In addition to curricular physical education, weightlifting, we offer organized athletic teams beginning with the 5th grade. For more information, check out our Athletics page.


Will my credits be accepted if I transfer or when I graduate?

YES! Ohio Valley Christian School is a nonpublic charter school through the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). All completed credits and coursework is recognized and transferrable to ALL public and Christian schools, both state-wide and nationally. All completed credits and coursework is recognized by ALL public and Christian Colleges and Universities, state-wide and nationally.


Can I earn college credit while attending OVCS?

The University of Rio Grande offers its “Summer Scholars” program annually, providing students the opportunity to earn college credit during the summer for little or no cost. Applications may be picked up from the office in the spring of each year.


What if there's a class you don't offer that I would like to take?

Using our Credit Flex policy, a 9th-12th grade student may propose an independent course of study. Once approved by the designated faculty member and the administration, the student must complete the required work in the time specified. A grade for the class will be recorded on the transcript.


Will I be prepared for college and challenged academically?

Absolutely! Historically, over 84% of our graduates have gone on to college. We offer an aggressive, accelerated curriculum for all classes that prepares students well for college. Standardized testing routinely places our school in the top 25% of all schools nationally. Students can use Paper Leaf essay help services to prepare their papers.


Do you have computer labs and available printers?

Yes! All 9th-12th grade students have access to their own personal computers. Elementary students may also access laptops. Many classes also use iPads and other portable technology. The school is equipped with high speed color printers for dedicated student work.


Do you have wireless internet?

Yes! The school has a robust wireless IT infrastructure which easily accommodates the communication needs of the school. All students are required to sign a Computer Usage Policy and the beginning of each year.