Network and Computer Use


The Information Communication Technology facilities at Ohio Valley Christian School offer a vast and diverse set of learning tools. In providing these services the goal is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication within a global society. Students are encouraged to make good use of the information communication technology facilities available at the school.

Access to our computer network is a privilege that may be enjoyed as long as appropriate standards are observed. Although the Internet allows access to information from a multitude of places, the school cannot be responsible for what is on the Internet. Some of the information is not of educational value in the context of the school setting. The majority of unsuitable material is filtered by the school's filter but ultimately, it is up to the individual user to exercise responsibility for appropriate use.

To achieve the aims of Information Communication Technology a degree of responsibility is required of students.

It is inappropriate, and

therefore not permitted, for students to:

  • load games, or any other programs, into their computer/ network storage space;
  • tamper with the original configuration of any software or hardware;
  • attempt to circumvent the school's Internet filtering facility;
  • access any inappropriate Internet site or have unsuitable material in their possession; this includes (but is not limited to) searching or viewing suggestive, pornographic, profane, or graphically violent materials; students are reminded that staff may access student’s storage devices or folders at any time;
  • disclose their, or anyone else’s, personal details;
  • violate copyright laws by copying protected work without appropriate acknowledgement;
  • copy other student’s files or access the folders of other users;
  • use the system in such a way that would disrupt the operation of the network by other users;
  • use the Internet for non-academic purposes.
  • use the school's computer facilities to bully or harass another user.

Students may not use a computer in class unless they are directed to do so OR the student has received permission from the teacher.

Consequences of not meeting the above responsibilities:

  • cancellation of the privilege to use the network;
  • restriction of access to the computer network for a period of time; and other disciplinary action that the school may impose.

Students at Ohio Valley Christian School will not be permitted to use the Ohio Valley Christian School computing facilities without agreeing to the conditions outlined above. This is indicated by signing the agreement below.

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